Perriv Consolidated Business Holdings

When people think of community they may think of warm sunny days and fresh flowers blooming along the roadside. At Perriv Consolidated Business Holdings we think of community the same way. In an effort to help communities across the United States thrive we proudly operate three wholly owned subsidiaries across the nation to provide both consumers and commercial clients with access to well organized services.


At Condor Commercial Lending we provide small business owners with access to the funds they need to thrive. Serving all 50 states we can help clients obtain funding faster and easier than with a traditional bank.

Condor Rx

While Condor Rx is not a substitute for health insurance we provide clients throughout the United States with low cost access to doctors, dentists, and optometrists all without a waiting period or personal health questions.

Rives Oil

Since 1908 Rives Oil has served the United States by working with drilling partners in Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida to bring Americans the oil they need to drive safely, take memory making vacations, and more.

Skyline of Fort Worth, Texas at night

“We walked along the streets so that we may fly across the seas”

With roots dating back to the year 980 the President of Perriv Consolidated Business Holdings dutifully and mindfully strives to serve a legacy spanning over a thousand years.