Our History

The history of Perriv Consolidated Business Holdings can be traced back to the year 980. Here is a timeline of how we got to where we are now.

980 A.D.

The 17th great grandfather of the current president of Perriv Consolidated Business Holdings places toll roads throughout the English countryside.

1233 A. D.

In addition to a thriving toll business the family begins raising sheep for wool, thus breaking into the textile industry.

1349 A. D.

Following 369 years of success in textiles and tolls the family begins renting plots of land to tenants throughout Europe.

1752 A. D.

After 809 year in the business of placing and operating toll roads operations cease across Europe as the family sails to Virginia.


Taking notes from the last 578 years the family continues the tradition of operating a successful textile business and rents plenty of property throughout Virginia.


After being in business for 859 years the family knows a thing or two about finances and begins making loans to businesses throughout Virginia. This loan office is now known as Condor Commercial Lending and has been operating for 184 consecutive years.


The family celebrates 550 years of being involved in the real estate industry.


Oil is discovered on land owned by W. T. R. who is driven three hours from his office in Fort Worth, Texas to see the crude oil himself. Later that night his wife scolded him for tracking oil into the living room. This oil company is now known as Rives Oil and celebrated 115 years in 2023.


Condor Commercial Lending celebrates 100 years in business.


After generations of businesses being organized as separate entities Rives Holdings Ltd. is formed to oversee operations of the real estate, commercial loan, and oil companies.


Rives celebrates 1,000 years of consecutive business operations.


Rives Holdings is renamed Perriv Consolidated Business Holdings following the company being inherited by the current President of Perriv Holdings. Condor Rx, a medical discount membership company is also included in the merger.


Perriv Consolidated Business Holdings continues to operate, grow, and thrive following the footsteps of a legacy spanning more than 1,000 years.